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One thing I’ve learned is that I have managed to have tangible impacts on people’s lives through books. AND other people have offered me opportunities I never expected after reading one of my books!

Writing is my voice and my weapon to create change, when I'm not teaching, coaching or mentoring. It’s how I put my heart-felt passions into the world to create the changes I really want to see. It's where I have what they call business 'automation' because my books affect, inspire and support people even when I sleep or do other things.

And so one mission of mine is to see you getting your heart-felt message out to your perfect audience and impacting lives. It takes a lot of guts and willpower to write a printed book or even a mini-book or ebook.

By my fourth book, it’s become a natural way of speaking to people’s hearts. So one of the best things I ever did for creating change in my life, growing into a bigger version of me, and extending my voice and experience to others - is publishing!

I never imagined that my credibility would so often be based on my identity as an author. Or that I would receive messages from people saying that because of one of my books they completely changed their work direction, or that some aspect of their lives had been transformed. Or what happened recently in a business meeting ripe with opportunity  - a person I’ve never met before instantly places me when I show him my book that was selected as a best title, and he casually commented he knew it.

What if you could be an author in 90 days? If you follow 7 steps to writing your book you will be looking at your published book, and you will bring to your perfect audience exactly what they need.

There is no ‘one way’ to write a book. But most manuscripts never see the day of light. These steps represent the basics I used to write, publish and make my name in my niches.

AND, I want to be there for you, to walk you through each step.

I know how hard it is to keep going and hold yourself accountable. I also know I would honestly never have gotten through my first two books and become an award-winning author without help, guidance, rigorous feedback, strict deadlines, and someone to show me where I needed to focus, revise, develop and create at my best. It’s a big undertaking. But so worth it.

Most of all, you want to make sure you get to the finish line with a quality well-written book that speaks heart to heart.

I mastered these steps, and know how to adapt your work to the perfect audience for your message.

Now, I'm showing YOU how to do it!

If you're ready to grow as an author, get your message out for people to not just read with their minds but hear with their hearts, and really live your purpose making tangible changes in people’s lives, here's how I can help -

Starting Oct. 3, I'm hosting Dr. Wanda Krause’s three month Writer’s Masterclass:

➢ Publish in 90 days. Period.
➢ Tap into how to speak your deepest truth and knowing.
➢ Build confidence as a writer.
➢ Magnetize your target audience.
➢ Create authority in your niche and be the go to person that translate to opportunities.

You’ll have
➢ A one-year membership to the masterclass of dedicated learners to mutual growth.
➢ Professional coaching from me in the group.
➢ 3 months FB Live weekly where I answer your burning questions.
➢ Guidance and tips on how to speak your deepest truth.
➢ Clarity on your perfect audience for your message.
➢ Guidance on how to write articulately and impactfully.

You get all of this for CAN$995 (or three instalments of $395).

And that’s not all!
➢ You get a 1-on-1 turbo booster hour coaching with me (value $250)
➢ You get a detailed workbook with instructions on how to write each chapter (value $195)
➢ You get secrets and tips on how to market your book. In fact, you receive a list of how to get your book out to the masses, that          marketers sell on its own (value $450)
     Total value: $1445

AND if you sign up by Sept. 23rd, you get 40% off.
That’s right. You get this entire package for CAN$695 (or for easy payment, three instalments of $295).
Then the price goes back up.

AND I have something exciting for you if you sign up by Friday, Sept. 16th.
Sign up by Friday, and you receive a 1-minute Sketch video with proven high conversion rate to promote your book, done for you by Story Sketchers (value US$499).

For the first 10 only who enrol, you will receive 5 days a week messenger access to me over the three months starting October! (This is a value worth hundreds of dollars!)

This is a $2,000+ offer for only $695. We are done with saying we can’t afford mentoring to get our deepest calling out. My mission is to see 100’s finally getting their books out. I’m walking you through the proven process step by step, and championing you over the 90 days until you have your amazing book right in front of you.

In 90 days, you are impacting lives at a level you’ve only been dreaming of. You WILL get that book out!

If you've been thinking about writing your book, or even a small version of a book, no more thinking about it, it’s now time. Let’s start.

Writer's Masterclass
695.00 995.00
Writer's Masterclass - 3 instalments of $295
295.00 395.00


Wanda Krause is an award-winning author of three books and editor of one book which was hand delivered to Hillary Clinton. One of her books was selected from nearly 3,000 books as the best title written on the Middle East in 2013.

Due to her books and expertise, Wanda has been invited to deliver speeches, such as a speech she delivered in the office of the former Head of the Spanish Government to both Zapatero and the current Prime Minister of Turkey.

She has also been invited to talk at conferences and teach and deliver workshops internationally.

Her expertise is on politics, women as change-makers, spirituality and the Middle East.

She coaches individuals around mindset and strategies to deliver their deepest message effectively to their key audiences for real-world impact.

Wanda has further conducted a decade and a half of research on women leading change.

Her research led her to discover a clear pattern which she calls keys to success for how 'influencers' are literally changing the world, published in Spiritual Activism: Keys for Personal and Political Success.

She has also been invited to contribute two chapters to an upcoming volume in 2017 with 33 thought leaders that is expected to rock this world - called Essential Wisdom.