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wanda Krause bio

Wanda Krause, PhD, runs her consultancy under Krause Consulting for global leaders, from Canada. 

Wanda has conducted nearly two decades of evaluation of the impact of organizations on civil society, mostly in challenging situations. Her research led her to discover a clear pattern, keys to success, and conclusions that strong 'influencers' - yes, people who are literally changing the world - demonstrate by shifting their thinking and being.

Wanda is an award-winning and international best selling author, co-author, and editor of five books, one of which was hand delivered to Hillary Clinton. She is certified in Non-Violent Communication (NVC) methods, and received her education in Germany (B.A), Canada (M.A.), and U.K. (Ph.D) in politics. She has studied with numerous teachers and mentors in transformational leadership and entrepreneurship.

Wanda's capacity to help goal-driven people to get to where they want comes from her experience. She has lived and worked in six countries, and has consulted, researched, or travelled across the world which has given her a strong grasp of cultural differences, biases, and perspectives. She held a fellowship at the London School of Economics (LSE) and, as assistant professor, taught at SOAS, University of London England, and in the United Arab Emirates, Doha Qatar. She is currently Faculty in the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University, Canada, and has helped found global programs/educational institutes/think tanks and established boards.

Over many years, she has helped organizations and leaders abroad and has worked with organizations and leaders in Canada. She gave media interviews and appeared on al-Jazeera from 2011 to 2013. She provides speeches internationally, has been invited to several international conferences, and has delivered a speech directly to the former prime minister of Spain and current prime minister of Turkey for peace initiatives under the Alliance of Civilizations.

As early as her teen years, she devoured every single book she could get on spirituality and energy healing, and is a reiki master and certified crystal therapist. Having grown up travelling with her father, a wildlife photographer, in the wilderness, she loves being in the mountains. 


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