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Spiritual activism:

keys for personal and political success

Spiritual Activism was created through interviewing successful activists from all over the world and identifying how they manage challenges and change the world.

Things you’ll learn by reading Wanda Krause’s Spiritual Activism: Keys for Personal and Political Success.

  • What differentiates the successful from the unsuccessful.

  • What successful activists do when they hit rock bottom.

  • How to use your life lessons to become an effective change-maker.

  • How to live your heart’s desire and do it in a way that truly helps others.

  • How to motivate to have others join your cause.


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Civil Society and women activists in the Middle east:

islamic and secular organizations in egypt

In the Middle East, and in Egypt in particular, there has always been a tendency to accord complete supremacy to the authority and might of the state, and to see “society” as a separate, powerless entity. However, after the uprising of 2011, this assumption was turned on its head. And it is the wide range of political activity beyond the remit of the official state where Wanda Krause locates a dynamic potential for political change from the bottom up. She looks in particular at the influential role of women’s private voluntary organizations in Egypt in shaping concepts of civil society and democracy.

CHOICE OATS 2013's Best Academic Title for Middle East Studies

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Women in Civil Society:

The state, islamism and networks in the uae

In this path-breaking study, Wanda Krause presents evidence of civil society emerging and in some dynamic ways in the Arab Gulf. She looks at the key role women play in the United Arab Emirates by analyzing women in government-run organizations, Islamic-oriented associations/Islamist groups, and women’s networks. Krause also expands the definition of civil society beyond its ‘western’ biases. In this endeavor, she incorporates indigenous forms of action and multitude forms of women’s agency.


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