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Are you tired of playing mediocre? Living according to others' standards? Ready to live authentically? To step into a higher version of yourself? To change your life and have real impact in this world? 

I'm an expert at taking Change-makers to greater levels of success and influence. As a student of personal growth and political influence, I have extensively researched this question: How can we create and effect our visions for better and brighter conditions? 

For over a decade and a half I interviewed hundreds of women (and men) to really get a grip on the answers. I learned clear patterns of success, as an award-winning author exposed what successful Change-makers do to create their desired realities, and then created my own business to help others live purposefully, evolve prosperously and have impact


I help you get clarity on your 'why' - your purpose, your soul calling. The critical part is for you to see it. Yes, it's THE critical piece to your puzzle. It's already with you. 

Achieving your highest dreams no longer has to be an upward battle. You can lay down your sword. You can breathe. Where you want to be is so much closer to you than you think. I show you how to connect with your purpose to see it. We find that gift by uncovering what is blocking it from you and the world. 

Then we strategically lay out the best way you can move forward to creating the reality you want. Often times my clients learn to dream bigger to be even more impactful, prosperous and purposeful. And we take the concrete steps to get there.

I believe you have an amazing purpose for being here, in fact, several. No one can offer what you can the way you can. Success and prosperity in doing what you love is your birth right. Are you ready to have massive impact and influence? I help you align to your true purpose so that your dream takes off. 

This isn't for you if you aren't ready to play bigger. Because it's going to take guts and a willingness to submit to your truest calling. We work on deep soul searching and I help you embrace your gift to shoot you off in the right direction. 

You will change. Your life will change.

I use different approaches and modalities, depending on the strategic and action plan and timeline. We identify your mindset, patterns of behavior, and communication that are sabotaging you. We clear patterns and replace them with new ones for your success. We identify the tools that are simplest and most effective for you in line with your identified target audience. Because communicating effectively, gaining a high level of confidence, and being able to influence and have impact requires that you evolve,YOU are the focus of our work together.

We may choose to work with a full comprehensive Global Leadership Profile (GLP) Report conducted through Bill Tolbert & Associates. This is an assessment inquiring into the way you think, lead and work that tens of thousands of leaders and professionals over 30 years have used that pin points precisely where you are at developmentally. This assessment can help me create a precise plan for moving you to your next developmental and leadership level. 

To move to higher levels of competency and leadership requires that you breathe and live your why and evolve continuously. Align to your purpose and you're soon living your purposeful, abundant and impactful life.

Wanda, I am very grateful for your coaching. You made me realize how important it is not to postpone my dream to two years. I implemented the strategies, especially the mindset ones. It works! All the pieces are in place and I start my business next month. Thank you very much!ā€
— Maria, Mexico

DO YOU WANT TO                    ARE YOU READY TO


  • confusion, procrastination, fear
  • a sense of spinning your wheels
  • not knowing what to do
  • an average existence
  • the level you're at?
  • discover what you are truly meant to do
  • uplevel
  • value your experience, skills and expertise
  • have prosperity in your life
  • have massive influence and impact
  • gain clarity on how to move to the next level?