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Wanda Krause

My goal is to inspire personal power in a world out of balance.

How do you achieve your dream goals … when the cards are stacked?

I have done 20 years of inquiry, research, and work, travelling to many different places around the world, in large part to answer this question.

To learn how to impact at the macro levels of state and society, I interviewed literally hundreds of individuals, and evaluated the impact of numerous organizations. I also consulted, worked and voluneered at the organizational level. Most impactful on me, however, has been working alongside strong and courageous individuals, mostly women and mostly in the Middle East, people who seek to restore balance in some way meaningful to them in this world. Despite - in spite of, overwhelming barriers, they achieved their dream goals.

The KEY to success…

comes back to who You are, your Being, how you think, your logic, beliefs, how expanded your perspectives are - how smartly, adaptively and resiliently you play your cards in your life, family, work or any context - the leadership competencies you develop working with diverse people. And believe it or not, first and foremost, your well-being. Impact is created through You - your own success.

Create your own success.

People I support want to have real-world impact in some specific, even if tiny, way. And, so, I teach how to have well-being, work-life balance, strong relationships, and then skills for leadership in a global world - well, at least how to skillfully and strategically navigate with developed competencies in context of a world out of balance.


my WHY

  • I am concerned about what concerns civilization (the macro level).

  • I've had my fair share of struggles to creating change, purposeful work and balance. I learned in the process it’s the most practical of steps and most essential competencies that we need for our success (and that the macro and micro levels are intertwined and interdependent). I want to make the road for you easier, faster and (when we can) more fun.

  • Quite practically, I'm a mom and know how critical it is to master what it takes (on the micro) to achieve what matters in life.


my Life philosophy 

  • Life - at the end of it - is about leaving the world with something of value to its evolution and betterment. After all the working around the clock, adding on volunteerism & activism, pushing boundaries and witnessing the achievement of the unimaginable in engagement with others, and experiencing loss in what really matters, my first and guiding principle is this: it starts with You, your Family, Friends, Community and then and in balance what’s needed ‘out there’. It’s the little things that matter. They’re not little - they’re what build civilization.

  • Who we are and what we do is never in abstraction, and so be cognizant of your Being, choices, and actions.

  • Learning goes beyond any institution to Life itself.

  • Look for solutions, don't dwell on the problem.

  • Well-being is core to living life to the fullest.

  • We all have unconscious bias. Self-awareness is pivoted upon peeling these back.

  • Nothing can be achieved without self-management and discipline.

  • Developing healthy relationships is key to solving most any problem.

  • Creating good habits is a must to achieve anything worthwhile.

  • Resilience, adaptability, grit, perseverance and massive action are essential, too.

  • Life is short. Focus on what matters.

  • Above all, make Love a verb - and love fiercely.