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5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self to Fast Track Success

They say you’ll fall many times to getting to your dream goal. What you need to do is get up, brush the dirt off, and keep going. Okay, but that’s not exactly the smartest or fastest way to smashing success. While grit and persistence are essential ingredients to success, this Modus Operandi can be extremely costly.

If your wiser, older self from 10 years down the road could come back and give you the advice to win at what you want, what do you think that would be? I know there are at least 5 big — critical — things I would tell myself 10 years back.

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7 Habits You Must Stop Doing if You Want to Achieve Your Dream Goal

80% of all strategic plans sit on shelves after their creation, never to be used. People drop pretty much that same percentage of New Year’s resolutions by week two of a new year. Here’s the problem: we can focus all we want on a vision, mission, etc. and write out well-thought out steps to achieving our dream goal. But the hard truth is all that work and investment will mean absolutely nothing if we don’t address first things first. That is, getting rid of the very roadblocks to our success — bad habits. The science to achieving what you want and who you want to be is not so much learning the art of goal setting and great planning. It has much more to do with dropping the habits that are holding you back right now.


Well-being is Correlated to Higher Performance

The countries performing the highest have the shortest workdays. Seven countries among those with the highest GDP rank have the fewest working hours. They include Luxembourg, then Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. We still live in a culture of bragging about how hard we work and how little we sleep to work. But bragging is actually a sign that you are not performing. Work, work, work is correlated with lower performance. So, what does wellbeing have to do with productivity? Everything.

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5 mindset hacks to get things done

Eighty percent of your capacity to get sh#t done is in the mind, 20 percent is skill, organization and know-how. So, that’s why to get up, get dressed and show up to smashing your success starts with tweaking that mental attitude to taking on the day. The mind is so incredibly powerful and therefore so are you — right now.

From my own personal journey and from studying and working with literally hundreds of leaders globally, I have found some mental exercises key to getting traction in life, work and business. Your success is through developing your mental capacity to smash the glass ceilings that are holding you back and get things done.

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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Throwing In The Towel

When things are not going according to plan or life throws you a curve ball you swear you just didn’t see coming, throwing in the towel is probably something on your mind. It may be the right thing to do. But wait — you might be standing at the precipice of your ultimate success! Whether you are stuck in business and you feel you really can’t make it or you are or going through a life crisis and feel you can’t push forward any longer, here are seven questions to ask yourself before you throw in the towel.

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How to Keep Going in the Face of Adversity

Within merely a few days I had hit adversity on a number of counts. The last on the list was health from two months of lost sleep stressing over my ‘fall’ when the doctor presented two options, neither of which looked good. That moment was literally my wake up. But here’s the interesting thing to me — If I were to ask, do I regret going through the most difficult period of my life, my answer is ‘No’. I don’t regret it. I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for that difficult thing, whatever it is, but I can now be truly and deeply grateful. Though I do wish I knew then what I know now. I wish someone could have just appeared at that time, taken me by the hand and told me there are exact steps I needed to take. So, if I can impart a few perspectives to help through adversity…