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When you create a greater version of yourself,

you can create massive impact.   


Hi I'm Wanda.

I'm passionate about inspiring personal power in a world out of balance - to become incredibly happy, empowered, successful and influential.

People who I help want well-being, work-life balance, strong relationships, and to have impact in this world doing something purposeful. Ultimately, these women and men want to have real-world impact while having healthy relationships on the home front. I help you step into the person you need to be in order to match these goals. It's about right strategy and self-leadership. I help you think and act as that version of you who achieves what you want.




My name is Wanda Krause. I'm a change strategist and run Krause Assessment and Strategic Planning Consulting, which focuses on getting you to your goal for impact and work-life balance by using right strategy. My strategy is creating the thinking and every day sustainable habits that stretch you into the version who achieves impact, fulfillment and balance. This change-strategy is based on direct experience of nearly a few decades studying hundreds of successful people around the globe in different countries, to really get to the bottom of how they achieve their dream goals. I’ve also been able to observe how many others burn out or burn out and lose everything meaningful to them. Then consulting, sometimes in extremely challenging contexts, and teaching internationally.   

I have written, co-written and edited five books - two achieving award-winning and international best selling status. My PhD is in politics with a focus on evaluating the impact of women in organizations. I am Program Head of the MA in Global Leadership at Royal Roads University, Canada (For more info. on our MA in Global Leadership program go to http://www.royalroads.ca/prospective-students/master-arts-global-leadership). I've been invited to give speeches internationally to heads of state. I travel to bring my work to people all over the world, and write to keep spreading my philosophy.



  • I am passionate about creating a better future.

  • I've had my fair share of struggles to a purposeful career and balance, and want to make the road for you easier, faster and more fun.

  • I'm a mom and know how critical it is to make work-life balance and well-being a priority to achieve what matters in life.


my Life philosophy 

  • Life - at the end of it - is about leaving the world with something of value to its evolution and betterment.

  • Why re-create the wheel when someone has nearly broken their back to learn and teach you.

  • Look for solutions, don't dwell on the problem.

  • Well-being is core to achieving anything in life - sustainably.

  • We all have biases. Growth is pivoted upon peeling these back and growing into self-awareness.

  • Self-awareness & self-management is the first step to any model of leadership.

  • Developing healthy relationships is key to solving most any problem.

  • Creating good habits & capacity is a must to achieve anything worthwhile.

  • Resilience, adaptability, grit, perseverance and massive action will get you there, too.

  • Life is short. Focus on what matters.

  • Above all, make Love a verb - and love fiercely.


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