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When you create the greatest version of yourself,

you can create massive impact.   


I help people get out of reaction mode and playing mediocre, to smash their glass ceilings and build a thriving life, doing what they love. I look at the big picture for you, the whole systems perspective, from the personal to the political. From that big picture I get where you are at and why really quickly. I want to inspire you to see the world through the deepest part of you that knows what she is here for, the change she's meant to be and create. And then I coach you in that direction with a clear change-strategy.

I'm a change strategist. Krause Assessment and Strategic Planning Consulting, run by me - Wanda Krause - focuses on human flourishing as the link to everything. From designing the life you want, creating your online business from the ground up, jump starting organizational growth, effectively leading change-management initiatives, developing a conscious culture in your company to hit your goals for resiliency, adaptability, sustainability and impact, to founding an international educational program that makes a difference, I inspire and champion you to make the tweaks - some big, some small - to make it happen. 

My mission is to tweak awareness in you and the way you do things to lead real-world impact. 


It's personal and political. I've lived - volunteered, taught, consulted, contributed to the founding of a few/established one international education program, and contributed to/led the founding of a few think tanks - in 6 countries, and travelled to several dozen more.

And, alongside studying hundreds of leaders for 15 years creating change through their organizations and networks, I took part in what mattered to me too - assisting trafficked women and children find resources to escape their conditions, building schools for orphans, and helping people who were hungry, unable to access healthcare, and unable to live freely.  

All this has helped me grasp the deeper personal and political ramifications of marginalization and gain a multitude of perspectives to tweak awareness and change.

The truth that drives this mission is that through all this experience, I developed a profound desire to see the expansion of people's involvement in the political and economic spheres. This has been first driven by my own personal quest to smash the glass ceilings that kept me thinking, feeling and acting small in my personal life and as a political animal. I have a desire to see the marginalized drive change - the intelligent and compassionate visionaries, yet fallen, forgotten, broken wayfarers - who still dream of a beautiful world. 

I am passionate about creating a better future and optimistic we will get there.   


I learned that the key to solving our problems is changing how we have been doing it all using the right change strategy. 

You will create the change and impact in your life, biz and organization using a simple algorithm: you get out of reaction mode, stop playing mediocre, smash your glass ceilings and do what it takes to thrive. 

This is where I come in:


When you develop your greatest version of you, you gain the capacity to truly lead effectively. All the best practices, newest technologies and efficient processes cannot get you to where you want to be if you're not focusing on your own flourishing and capacity to thrive. How you perceive, understand and respond to challenges and opportunities is key to your capacity to thrive and your initiative's success. 

Self-aware, conscious critical thinkers create a thriving life and successful initiative. 

I coach, inspire and champion you to:

  • increase self-awareness in how you think, perceive, act and make decisions
  • identify social/political/economic/mindset glass ceilings limiting your ability to respond to challenges and opportunities confidently and effectively
  • stretch in the areas you most need to work on for leadership capacity and character development
  • work with the right strategizies to have massive real-world impact doing what you love.


Transparent, inclusive organizations working with the right frameworks are effective in creating the resilience and adaptability essential to have desirable impacts.

I ensure your organization's resiliency, adaptability, and the continued and enhanced impacts it desires. I assess the capacity of your organization to achieve intended impacts. I steer you through deep inquiry and break down the steps for you to lead effectively towards your goals, which are, of course, the desired changes.

Traditional approaches do not involve both the leadership and those impacted by the change initiative. My approach follows participatory action research and inquiry where we co-create the change goal with leadership and those the change will impact the most. Nor do traditional approaches coach you in the process to locate, understand and work with the outside and inside influencers on the ability of your organization to perform.  I teach you the whole systems framework to help you recognize how to navigate ongoing change to ensure resiliency and adaptability. 

If there is a gap in performance, we identify together where the key leverage point is to create the change you want to see, and we develop a concrete plan to create the change. I walk you through the process of your change initiative or evaluation from start to finish.

My mission is to facilitate change that is effective, meaningful and impactful. We ensure you flourish and contribute to your local or international community positively. 



Create the greatest version of yourself and create massive impact.

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